Your education can be affordable

Cost is a factor for most students and their families. However, there are resources that can help make earning a degree financially possible. Continue reading to learn how.

Pay Attention to How Much Schools Cost

You’ll find a wide array of college prices; it’s important to understanding the starting point as you consider the types of financial assistance you might be eligible to receive. Use a net price calculator, a tool that's available on most college websites, to determine the actual price you would pay for tuition. 

Merit-based scholarships 

Many schools offer scholarships based on academics, extra curriculars, or community service. At La Salle, we strive to offer a compelling educational experience and to be an affordable option. That's why every student who applies to our university is automatically considered for merit-based awards. 

Completing the FAFSA

Filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is key to getting access to the need-based financial assistance you may need. The FAFSA helps determine your eligibility for grants from colleges and universities, the federal government and your home state. The FAFSA is typically available in the fall of your senior year, be sure to apply as early as possible to assure you are considered for every possible opportunity.

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