Propelling your education and career  

Having a mentor to turn to when you have questions or need advice will enhance your college education. Whether a professor or an alumnus, what you learn from your mentor can last a lifetime. 

Get to know your peers

Take time to join clubs and meet everyone in each one of your classes. If you are a resident student, be sure to stay connected with the students on your floor or in your building, and if you’re a commuting student, you will typically find a commuting student organization. You'll get to meet students from the junior or senior classes who can give you the inside scoop on finding internships or choosing the right classes that align with your personal and professional goals.

Check your college's offerings

The people around you want to see you excel. Visit your college's career center or other academic offices to learn about the options available to you. Once you become better acquainted with the resources available on your campus, you'll have more people in your corner that can readily assist with your individual needs.  

Build your network

When you're in college, you'll be surrounded by academic experts, advisors, and former students. Make time to form personal connections by scheduling an appointment with a professor or attending an alumni networking event. More often than not, those around you have been in your position before and can provide invaluable insight. 

At La Salle, our faculty stand out, not just for their teaching, but for the many hours they commit to mentoring each of their students. Our close-knit community fosters lasting relationships. Our community – including alumni – are here to provide you with individualized support and attention throughout your entire journey. 

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