Finding your fit

Picking a college is a big decision, and it's important to find a school that fits your needs. If you're considering transferring, here are a few things that could mean it’s the right move. 

  1. You keep changing your major  
    Finding the right academic path is essential to a great college experience. Plus, it typically sets people up for their career path following graduation. If you can’t seem to find the major that keeps you excited and interested, it's worth looking around to see what programs are available at other schools.  

  2. It no longer fits your location or financial preferences  
    Some students decide to attend college near home while some go farther away. Others rely on student loans, scholarships, or a combination of multiple funding sources. It’s possible that what seemed like the right option is no longer working for you. If it feels like you’re second guessing the logistics of your college choice, it's helpful to take a look at different locations and price tags.  

  3. Campus engagement doesn’t interest you  
    Making friends and being involved in on-campus activities or organizations enhances your college experience. If you can’t find your group on campus, take a look at engagement opportunities at other universities. It’s possible your best friends are waiting for you.  

  4. You’re unhappy with your overall experience  
    All in all, if the school you’re attending doesn’t feel like the right fit, it's a good idea to consider transferring. We can answer any questions you have on our transfer process, academics, and student life. Email us at  
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