A guide to earning the perfect high school transcript

As you apply to colleges, your high school transcript will best tell the story of your academic preparation. Here’s what colleges like La Salle are looking for:

  1. Completed core classes. Most high schools require students to take certain subjects. Be sure you have a full schedule of courses that include English, mathematics, science, history/social science, and a foreign language.

  2. Try something new. Thinking of taking a new class? Explore your passions and consider taking that course that might fit for you future college major.

  3. Tackle challenges. Colleges appreciate seeing Honors, AP, or IB courses on your transcript. If there's a class you're interested in, but you're worried it may be too hard, ask your school counselor or teacher for guidance to assure the class is a good fit. 

  4. Don't overextend yourself. Make sure your class schedule is best for your interests and aptitudes. While you may think an advanced class looks impressive to colleges, if your performance suffers, it can work against you.

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