Experiential learning opportunities for college students

Nothing can beat real-world experience, which is why practicing your skills is key. Check out these top 6 reasons to work an on-campus job. 

  1. You will get paid

    Not only will you have some spending money, but you will also have money to pay for your books. Having a job on campus will also teach you how to budget your money until the next pay cycle.

  2. Flexible work schedule

    The department that you work for will work with you to avoid academic conflicts and other obligations.

  3. You will expand your network

    You can build your professional and social network to include co-workers, supervisors, and faculty, and staff.

  4. You may become more involved on campus

    Working on campus allows you to get involved in various organizations through all the people that you meet.

  5. You will develop a lot of new skills (and strengthen ones you already possess)

    In an on-campus position, you will learn how to become an effective communicator, work with others, and manage your time wisely.

  6. Convenience

    Even if you commute to campus, nothing is more convenient than working on campus. You can easily go from class to your on-campus job in a matter of minutes!

Did you know La Salle partners with Saxbys to offer management and experiential learning opportunities on campus through its Student CEO program? Adriana Puleo is the current Student CEO, and she’s gained valuable business experience learning how to review financial statements, order inventory, and communicate with Saxbys headquarters.

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