Finding your academic fit

Choosing a major may seem like a major decision, but you have plenty of time to find a program that fits your individual strengths and goals. Read more for tips to guide your search. 

Consult with family members
Spend time interviewing family members about their professions. Ask key questions, like how they found their career path, what their job entails, and if they have any advice for picking a major.

Pursue your interests
Thinking about trying something new? High school is the perfect time to explore your likes and dislikes. 
Take classes that appeal to you or join a new club to connect with peers who share similar interests. 

Explore your post-graduate options
Whether you choose to enter the workforce or continue on the path to graduate school, considering your post-graduate opportunities is important when deciding your college major. Certain professions, like becoming a doctor or a lawyer, require additional schooling, another factor to consider when choosing a major. 

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