What you need to consider as a transfer student

As you begin thinking about transferring schools, you may be curious about the process. Below are 5 things you should consider when making your college decision. 

It'll be a new start

Whether you want to change majors, move to a new city, or enroll in a 4-year college, wherever you choose to enroll with provide you with new opportunities. You'll expand your network, explore your interests, and tackle new challenges. 

Find your fit

Do a digital deep-dive and visit school websites, watch videos, and follow schools on social media to find a college that fits your needs. Pro-tip: review information on third party websites like The College Board.

Maximize your credits

You've already completed some coursework, and it's important that the classes you've taken will count toward your degree. Check out resources like Transferology or speak with an admission counselor to see if your credits are transferrable. 

Pay attention to cost

Cost is a factor for most students and their families. At La Salle, we strive to offer a compelling educational experience and to be an affordable option. That's why every student who applies to our university is automatically considered for merit-based awards. 

Scout new territory 

Once you've found schools that you're interested in, plan a visit in the summer to get a feel for the campus community. Make sure to add La Salle to your visit list.

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